Pilates & Fitness For Women

Mindful Fitness *  Pilates Style

Monday                               Tuesday 

11am  Chair & Reformer              8am Chair &  Reformer

1pm   Jumpboard                          9:30am  Jumpboard 

2pm   Reformer 2                           1pm  Jumpboard

4pm  Chair & Reformer                 2pm   Cadillac

                                                         4pm   Jumpboard

                                                         6:30pm  Jumpboard 

Wednesday                        Thursday

7:30am  Yoga on Reformer          6:00am  Ref/Fit Circle

10am   Jumpboard                        8am  Chair & Reformer

2:30pm  Reformer 2                      10:30am  Jumpboard

4:00pm  Ref/Fit Circle                   2:30pm  Cadillac  

6:30pm  Jumpboard                     4pm   Jumpboard

                                                         6pm   Jumpboard

Friday                                    Saturday

6:00am  Jumpboard                      8am   Jumpboard

8am   Reformer 2              

10:30 Ref/Fit Circle

2pm  Cadillac

4pm   Yoga on Reformer

24 Hour Cancellation Policy In Effect

For Online Booking you will be asked to purchase a class or package of Pilates Equipment Classes or have prepaid for Classes to continue.

If you are new to Pilates equipment we suggest that you stop by the studio prior to scheduling to help us serve you better.